Save Manresa! (Aka having fun the public health way)

It has not been long since our last Public Health Fun post and it’s already time for another (small) update! I just came across another simulation “game” and I had to share it with you! The simulation is called “Save Manresa“. Unlike other games, Manresa is not an imprisoned princess waiting to be rescued; Manresa […]

International Journal of Public Health: New issue out now!

We are happy to present you the second IJPH issue of this year! Twenty-two papers covering a variety of subjects, including smoking, physical activity, socioeconomic inequalities, amongst others! In this issue you will also find a systematic review and meta-analysis on sexual and physical abuse in childhood (and its association with depression and anxiety over […]

Public Health Fun is back!

“Was it ever gone”? I hear you ask. Hopefully not from our lives; but it was gone from the blog so I thought it was about time for an update! (if you have missed the previous posts go here, here, and here. And make sure you come back here afterwards). I have some new public […]

More good news on the smoking ban front!

    After our papers showing that smoking ban in workplaces reduces cardiovascular risk for workers and that smoking ban had no impact on gastronomy revenues, we are back with more good news regarding smoking ban! According to a study we just published, there is high and increasing compliance with the smoking ban in Italy […]

Modifying nutrition and lifestyle on HIV-infected patients slows down the rate of CD4 decline: a study from Cameroon

  Could a nutrition and lifestyle intervention have an effect on immunological parameters in treatment-naive HIV patients? This is what a recently published study in the International Journal of Public Health sought to investigate. The authors conducted a cluster-randomized trial in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The experimental group underwent a 6 month intervention which consisted of 2 […]

Writing a journal article…and getting it published!

Are you writing or about to start writing your next journal article? Do you consider writing for journals one of the most challenging part of your studies/ job in Public Health? Then this freshly announced course from the Swiss School of Public Health+ is for you! This is a 3-day course taking place from the […]

Smoking ban in workplaces reduces cardiovascular risk for workers

  We have recently talked about a new EU smoking law and smoking policies in different countries, amongst which Switzerland. You may have heard about Switzerland in the news the last couple of days in relation to the result of the latest referendum on immigration. Swiss direct democracy means that the people here vote for […]

Thank you IJPH Reviewers!

            Like every year, our Editors would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to the Reviewers that worked with us in 2013 to ensure the diversity, scientific interest and high quality of our papers. Two hundred and thirty-three Reviewers from 46 different countries have contributed to our Journal last […]

New EU anti-smoking law in the making: how does it compare to your country?

    Good news in the anti-smoking front! As reported last week, a draft legislation to make tobacco products less attractive to young people in EU has just been agreed between the Council of Ministers and the Public Health Committee MEPs. This basically is a legislation update of the EU Tobacco Directive and is focusing […]

Call for Papers! Communication technology, media use and the health of our kids

Two different stories on children and technology use have caught my eye recently: One one hand computer coding seems to soon be included in the school curriculum in England; on the other concerns have been raised regarding the effect that computer tablets might have in the development of children. These different news items show the […]

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