Does Social Media exposure have an effect on article downloads and citations?

We are cetainly not the first ones to have asked this question! But we think we might be the first ones who tried to answer it using a randomised study design! We like Social Media for many reasons, as our year-long presence on twitter and facebook shows (hey, we even have a Social Media category in our […]

Smoking and friendship: social ties and socioeconomic smoking differences in adolescence

We are back with a freshly published, open access paper on the role of social ties in socio-economic differences in the school context. Full text available open access here! Have fun reading!

A program on food aid and promotion of healthy nutrition in schools of underprivileged areas in Greece

Program on Food Aid and Promotion of Healthy Nutrition – DIATROFI A large-scale initiative implemented in schools of underprivileged areas across Greece incorporating food aid, health promotion and research   This is a guest blog post written by Athena Linos (MD, MPH, PhD), on behalf of the DIATROFI Program Research Team. Professor Linos is Chair of […]

Electronic cigarettes and Public Health: new issue out now!

Our new -and very exciting- issue was just published.  I let the infographic make the talking! Enjoy and let us know what you think! For the table of contents please click  here!

Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children: New report to be launched soon!

  If you are interested in adolescent health, you surely are aware of the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study. For the few who might not know, HBSC is  a WHO collaborative, cross-national study that started back in 1982. Currently 44 countries in Europe and North America contribute data from 11, 13 and 15 […]

Energy drink consumption in adolescents: how is it associated with health complaints?

It’s infographic time! We hope you like it! Link to study here!

Public Health Fun! Online and offline games for children and children at heart!

  If you are active on social media, you most have most likely seen some pictures portraying the (allegedly) best job in the world as a professional panda hugger! I might not hug pandas for a living (although I do regularly hug the IJPH cat) but my job involves playing online (public health-related) games! Care […]

Tobacco control: from public to private! New guest blog post!

picture credit We are happy to introduce the newest addition to our guest blog posts series by Chris Patterson & Heide Weishaar. Read on, share and comment! *   Following the Royal Assent of the Smoking Prohibition (Children in Motor Vehicles) (Scotland) Bill in the Scottish Parliament last week, Scots smoking in cars carrying children […]

IJPH first issue of 2016 is out now!

Happy New Year everyone! Our Editors and all of us at the Editorial Office wish you much health and happiness for 2016! We are back and we come bearing gifts! Our first issue of 2016 is out now and you can read the table of contents here! Let us know what you think and what […]

Free papers for Human Rights Day!

Today, December 10th, is the international Human Rights Day! This year, the day is focused on the 50th Anniversary of 2 Convnets, that were adopted in 1966: a) The International Convent on Ecomonical, Social and Cultural Rigths and b) The International Convent on Civil and Political Rights. For this special day, the International Journal of […]

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