Income inequality and risk of heart attack: longitudinal findings from the US

Heart attack is the leading cause of death in the US and there is a significant relationship between income and risk for cardiovascular disease. A lot of cross-sectional studies have linked income inequality with behaviours such as smoking and inactivity as well as with coronary heart disease risk factors. We are very happy to annoounce […]

New Editorial: Disgrace at EU’s external borders and the role of Public Health professionals

Boat planks in a church in Noto/ Sicily, April 2015 (photo by Oliver Razum) Ten days ago, while much of the news -at least in Europe- were occupied by the birth of a princess, other news also emerged: almost 7,000 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean. Seven thousand people in a weekend. This came shortly […]

More than 40% of university students in 23 countries are physically inactive

picture credit   Are you physically active? Before rushing to say “yes”, I’ll give you the official definition of what that means, according to the WHO: assuming that you are an adult, at least 150 mins/ week of moderate physical activity; or at least 75 mins/ week of vigorous physical activity. Or a combination of […]

New IJPH issue out now!

A new member issue was added in the IJPH family! Our fifth issue for this year was just published and it is full of interesting papers, if we may say so ourselves! This issue includes 12 papers covering different subjects including: – Inequalities in health – Youth unemployment – HIV prevention – Smoking Two papers […]

Meet the Blogger! Dr. James Woodall on prison and offender health (and why it should get more attention)

We are very happy to reintroduce our “Meet the Blogger” section with the contribution of Dr. James Woodall. James is a Reader in Health Promotion and currently co-directs the Centre for Health Promotion Research at Leeds Beckett University, UK.  James’ specific research interests are in prison health.  His PhD completed in 2010 examined the health […]

Our latest issue is out! Physical activity, smoking, birth weight, self-rated health and more!

Spring has come in Switzerland. The sun might have distracted me a bit and I forgot to introduce you to our latest issue. Let me make up for it: Blog readers, this is IJPH’s latest issue. IJPH latest issue, these are our blog readers. As you can see from our cover, the main issues in […]

Public Health in a Bundle: Climate change, environment and health!

picture credit   It was all over the news the other day: US President Barack Obama emphasised the impact that climate change has on public health. Our interest in climate change and the enviroment should be well known to our readers:  In the past years, we have published two special issues around such themes: Firstly, […]

Public Health Fun! Diabetic dog and Tuberculosis games

I decided to make another post on Public Health Fun because, well, it is fun! Without further ado, here are my latest discoveries: – I came across this website, from the School of Community and Global Health of the Claremont Graduate University. Amongst other fun links, they also list three more games. Yay! 1. The […]

Factors influencing publication of your MPH master’s thesis in a scientific journal

picture credit   Are you about to finish your Masters in Public Health (MPH)? Are you hoping to publish your thesis in a peer-reviewed journal? Ever wondered what are your chances of having it accepted? Then read on! We just published a study that investigated exactly that! The authors evaluated theses of a MPH program […]

The effect of youth unemployment and economic recession in health. Some unexpected results from Spain

  picture credit The effects of the economic crisis on mental health have been a recurring matter of speculation and research in the past years. The WHO already published a report on the subject in 2011.  Only last month, several studies/data were widely reported in the media: a study from the US showing a sharp […]

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